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Stop Worrying

We give you transparency, trust, experience, complete involvement, quality of work and on-time delivery.


Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in construction, development and renovation of residential projects, buildings, condominiums, industry and commerce.

Keeping the Magic

In order for your project to keep the illusion and magic with which it begun, we make cold-thought plans, preview tough moments, are pragmatic and seek for details.

We make your wishes fit perfectly with your needs

We have personnel and business allies able to develop a wide range of projects in

any of its stages.


Years of experience since our foundation


Our team has more than 20 years of experience


Projects completed in 2 years


More than 50 projects completed


About CPG

We are a construction company focused in commercial and residential works which seeks for its clients to keep their illusion and magic in their projects


What we do:


We are a construction company focused on commercial and housing works seeking clients to maintain the illusion and magic in their projects.


We specialize in giving a personalized service to our customers, in a detailed way and giving the ‘extra mile’ in everything we do. The company is close to its customer, advises him in a reliable way throughout the process, exceeding the normal expectations, making the process an enjoyable experience for the customer from the beginning to the end.


CPG has as philosophy and primary aim to achieve the confidence and satisfaction of its clients, integrating a work team with the companies and individuals that will be involved in the project, in order to achieve the common objectives of time, cost and quality, in any of the stages.

Our qualities:



Custumer Service




What makes us unique?

Our work methodology allows our clients to maintain the illusion and magic in their project.

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